Consultants in Logistics

Services Provided:

  • Supply Chain Strategy & Infrastructure Modelling
  • Supply Chain & Logistics Market Research
  • Logistics Outsourcing & Tender Management


AQA is the largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges, setting and marking the papers for around half of all GCSEs and A-levels taken every year.

Changes made by the government to the method of assessment and timing of examinations meant AQA were struggling to maintain a cost-effective service. We were brought in to help determine their optimal future infrastructure and to assist in the delivery and implementation of a new distribution warehouse.

Outsourcing was the best solution to provide the flexibility, security and efficiency AQA required.

Our supply chain consultants helped AQA successfully identify and select a logistics partner, to meet its demanding set of requirements for the secure and timely storage, processing and fulfilment of its orders.  We also provided advice with regards the structure and wording of the contractual agreement.

“Davies & Robson’s experience and pragmatic approach played a vital role in the successful outsourcing of a complex and sensitive operation and their responsive service and the quality and relevance of their work was critical to the success of the project.”

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