Consultants in Logistics

Services Provided:

  • Market Research
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Disposals

Connect Group

Connect Group is a UK plc providing a range of wholesaling and distribution services.  The largest Company in the Group is Smiths News which undertakes distribution of newspapers and magazines to retailers.

As part of a programme of expansion, Connect Group undertook an evaluation of the possible acquisition of Tuffnells Parcels Express Limited, including comprehensive analysis of the Tuffnells business and its place in the market.  As part of the review, Connect wished to understand the resources and operational methodology of their operation and the potential synergies between Tuffnells and Smiths News.

Our logistics consultants were asked to review the Tuffnells operation and advise on possible opportunities for the two businesses to work together to improve service and reduce cost.  This required a detailed review of the depot structure, sortation method, use of technology, line haul and C&D operation.

The review was completed within the required timescale and provided Connect with a clear insight into the Tuffnells operation and the operational opportunities.

Connect Group subsequently acquired the Tuffnells operation.

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