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Services Provided:

  • Warehouse Improvements
  • Process Improvement & Lean Management

Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer (GF) Piping Systems has a turnover of almost £1bn and is one of three divisions of the Swiss based Georg Fischer Group.

As the business profile has changed, with customers demanding more and more products with shorter and shorter lead times, the operating practices within their NDC in Coventry were being stretched.  Our supply chain consultancy was invited to undertake an Operating Review that included an assessment of the supply and demand profiles within the warehouse and the existing workload throughout the working day involving the planned and actual manpower and the usage of the high bay equipment across the three shifts, as well as the utilisation of the available picking, packing, sortation and generic work areas.

Since the implementation of key recommendations, such as the business processes and the two-shift system, the productivity and performance of the warehouse is steadily improving.

“Davies & Robson's supply chain consultancy has provided some invaluable analysis and insight into our own business activities and the options available to us within the warehouse. The implementation of the two-shift approach has reduced our current cost base and improved the overall productivity of the warehouse. We always have the option of a third shift available to us in the future to meet increased customer demand should we need it. I would have no hesitation in using them again.”

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