Consultants in Logistics

Services Provided:

  • Warehouse Layout & Design
  • Warehouse Improvements


Halfords initially approached our supply chain consultancy to undertake an organisational review to prepare the business for growth and improve operational performance. 

This led to a realignment of responsibilities and the identification of the need for a full time Development Manager.  We were asked to undertake the recruitment.

As part of a programme to exploit both internet shopping and ‘click and collect’, our consultancy were subsequently asked to review the layout, storage methods and processes used within the Coventry warehouse. 

In particular Halfords wished to understand how to improve space utilisation and increase pick faces to cope with an extended product range.

We undertook a detailed evaluation of a series of options including changing the racking, extending the mezzanine, introducing an ASRS and requiring suppliers to deliver in standard Halfords totes.

The full range of options together with costs and their advantages and disadvantages were presented to Halfords for inclusion in their strategic planning process.

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