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Jablite Case Study

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  • Transport Operations Improvement

Jablite Gets Value for Money


Jablite and Styropack operate from five production sites around the UK including Aberdeen, Belvedere, Ford, Howden and Blackburn. Jablite is the UK’s largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering, whilst Styropack is the UK expert in shape moulding and produces products for a range of industries including engineering, farming and fishing.


The combined transport operations, for Jablite and Styropack, have been operated by a 3rd party transport business for a number of years. As the contract is due for renewal in less than 2 years-time the management team decided to commission an independent value for money review.

The aim of the review was to highlight potential operational and performance improvements within the remit of the current contract and to identify the new operating parameters of any future agreement.


Davies & Robson undertook a detailed contract and performance review, as well as a review of the transport activities, resource utilisation, planning methodologies and cost reduction opportunities.


A number of recommendations were made and are being implemented, including:

  • The standardisation of business processes, the formalisation of the agreement between Jablite and Styropack, and the delivery points regarding timeliness and any unloading delays
  • Agreed order cut off deadlines and production planning lead times
  • Development of a clean, clear transport request
  • Standardisation of equipment and clear communication regarding the available cube within each vehicle type
  • The implementation of more frequent performance measurements of both production and the transport operations
  • Development of achievable productivity targets across each site and the transport fleet
  • A selection of initiatives that will enable a more flexible and productive agreement in the future

The costs and performance of the transport operation are now closely monitored and discussion will soon commence regarding the future agreement.

“We are a production led business and not transport experts, so it made sense for us to externally source the skills and knowledge required to ensure that our transport operations continue to provide value for money.

“Davies & Robson worked efficiently alongside our customer service, production and transport teams without causing any disruption to our ongoing operations. We are working with them to ensure that any quick wins are achieved within this contract period and that the future agreement meets our needs.”

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