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London Fire Brigade: Strategy Review

The London Fire Brigade provides the City with an emergency response service from 102 Fire Stations.  In addition to attending fires the London Fire Brigade also responds to a wide variety of other types of incidents including road traffic accidents, chemical spills, flooding, underground emergencies, etc.

To support the Fire Stations the Brigade operates a Distribution Centre, a Service Centre for protective equipment, and six vehicles strategically located that carry specialist equipment. 

As part of a strategic review, Davies & Robson were asked to:

  • Review the warehouse and transport operations and resources currently used
  • Identify potential efficiencies and opportunities to rationalise the resources and sites
  • Assist in creating an ‘over-arching’ integrated system of distribution to support the Fire Stations including the coordination of deliveries from third parties
  • Define the optimal sites, staff, and resources needed

Davies & Robson evaluated a series of options and concluded that the optimum solution was the creation of a single Centre able to perform the following functions:

  • Storage of specialist equipment and consumables
  • Servicing protective equipment
  • Acting as a transport hub with daily deliveries to all Fire Stations

Following the completion of the strategy review, Davies & Robson were asked to advise on the location and layout of a suitable site.

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