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  • Warehouse Layout & Design

Morelli Group

Founded in 1957, The Morelli Group is the UK’s leading independent automotive refinish supplier with a national annual turnover of £40m.  Its national network of 16 branches is able to provide customers with an outstanding same day and next day service.

Morelli Group works with motor manufacturers, accident management companies and other industry experts to develop opportunities in existing and new marketplaces that will help its customers stay ahead of the competition.

As the business has grown through acquisition and increased sales, the National Distribution Centre in Birmingham has reached capacity.

Morelli Group identified and secured a new facility in Castle Bromwich but wanted to engage with external support to ensure the new venture was efficient, effective and most of all successful.

The new 25,000 sq ft building in Castle Bromwich would continue to act as the NDC and a local branch whilst providing opportunities for an increased product range, improved service levels and further growth.

Davies & Robson reviewed the warehousing and storage activities within the existing Birmingham facility.  Due to the constraints regarding the available height, floor space and access it became clear that a detailed bottom up review of the overall requirement was required.  Simply replicating the existing facility would not improve efficiency or enable further growth.

Using our standard ISO approved methodology the data gathering, business profiling, inventory analysis and process mapping provided a good understanding of the core requirements.

Working with the Morelli Team we were able to develop agreed plans for the new warehouse including:

  • An overall warehouse layout that consisted of shelving units capable of expansion in to a multi-level pick zone, standard APR with in-rack shelves and additional beams where required
  • A warehouse numbering scheme that met the requirements of the current WMS and supported the introduction of additional location bar codes and scanning
  • Improvements in the standard operating procedures that would help increase stock accuracy and reduce picking errors
  • The future introduction of additional processes such as planned replenishment based upon the existing capabilities of the WMS
  • Ongoing ad hoc advice throughout the transfer of activities from Birmingham to Castle Bromwich

Morelli Group successfully transferred the NDC from Birmingham to Castle Bromwich.  The planned layout and numbering system enabled improved storage and stock control and the future process improvements will further increase the effectiveness of the new National Distribution Center.

“Davies & Robson provided us with analysis and insight that was not available within our business. They worked with us and our operations team and endeavoured to share as much knowledge as possible throughout the project. Their timely and methodical approach helped us migrate to the new National Distribution Center in an orderly fashion and sets us up nicely for future growth.”

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