Consultants in Logistics

Services Provided:

  • Process Improvement & Lean Management
  • Logistics Outsourcing & Tender Management
  • Transport Operations Improvement

Scott Bader

Scott Bader is an international business manufacturing a range of specialist chemicals including resins, adhesives, polymers and gel coats for use in a wide variety of industries.

As part of an initiative to improve efficiency, our logistics consultants were invited to review the organisation and operation of the transport function. We suggested a revised organisational structure and improved processes, whilst proposing a number of changes to the transport contracts.

The implementation of these improvements enabled Scott Bader to increase sales, without the need for additional resources, and benefit from improved reporting, reduced costs and provides a fair balance of risk between them and their transport contractor.

“Whilst we were in no doubt that there were synergies to be had, having these corroborated by Davies & Robson’s logistics consultants gave us the evidence and confidence we needed to start making changes. This was a genuinely consultative exercise in which Davies & Robson listened carefully to our ideas and offered honest feedback and their own suggestions in order to arrive at a clear and achievable solution. Working alongside their consultants has also been a useful learning process for us, enhancing our in-house expertise for the future.”

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