Consultants in Logistics

Blueleaf: Part-Time Operations Director

Established home care suppliers Clinicare and Nursing Hygiene Group have merged together under the name BLUELEAF. The new home care specialist requested additional support from Davies & Robson to ensure the MERGED LOGISTICS OPERATIONS & migration to a new ERP would continue to provide a first-class, cost-effective service.

The existing warehouse and distribution activities were performing well as individual operations but were unlikely to be able to benefit from the merger and the new ERP without some guidance and direction that would not be available in the business during this busy time.

The owners of Blueleaf knew that the current team had the capability to deliver the existing service in a cost-effective way but they also recognised the need for additional experience and direction to guide the team through the merger and implementation of the ERP.

Davies & Robson supplied Blueleaf with a part-time Operations Director, who supported the team 1-2 days per week throughout the merger and helped them meet the challenges and goals that had been set.

“Working with Davies & Robson and Paul we were able to benefit from the experience and direction normally only available from a full time Director. We were able to discuss issues, take strategic guidance and importantly for us, Paul was able to build the skills of the existing managers whilst implementing real progressive change.”

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