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Are sales promises damaging the profitability of your operation?

Promises made by sales and account personnel can lead to distribution actions that negatively affect profitability. The logic is clear: distribution costs can represent a significant proportion of available gross margin, so savings in distribution fall directly to the bottom line. Yet every day, in many businesses, salesmen and account managers commit to services that incur unnecessary logistics costs that steal profit.

To help companies improve profitability, Davies & Robson has a two-day course designed to help sales staff and account managers avoid adding complexity and cost to the Supply Chain.

Typical themes include:

  • Concentrating sales in particular areas in order to build up drop density.  The larger the vehicle serving a particular area the lower the delivery cost.
  • Encouraging named day delivery to green field areas to improve drop density.
  • Avoiding offering unnecessarily fast delivery lead-times.  How many orders are sent on premium services that are not required for several days?
  • Persuading customers to consolidate orders to minimise deliveries.
  • Selling in complete pack or pack multiples to minimise picking costs.
  • Challenging delivery constraints with regards to the size of vehicle or the time when a delivery can be made.
  • Arranging for orders to be received electronically, to avoid data input costs.
  • Ensuring customers use correct product codes to avoid administration costs and unnecessary returns.
  • Arranging for customers to go online for tracking information or for PODs in order to avoid administration costs.
  • Ensuring the correct delivery address and contact details are obtained together with the correct postcode for ease of route planning.
  • Arranging for deliveries to be made ‘out of hours’ to avoid traffic delays and make better use of the delivery fleet.

Our programme is designed to explore how your Supply Chain operates and what actions the sales team can take in order to minimise cost, without inconveniencing your end customer.  At the end of the programme the delegates are invited to come up with six action points for implementation within your organisation.

To talk to us about our training courses please contact 01327 349090 or return the reply paid card, indicating the nature of your enquiry.

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