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Are your compliance and safety processes up to scratch?

Chances are that your business takes legal compliance and health and safety very seriously. At some point processes will have been thought about and put into place, but is it safe to assume you are compliant? As an organisation grows and progresses, its people change and, if you are not careful, business processes that were once adequate can fall behind.  Gaps can start to appear and the opportunity for mistakes inherently creeps in.

Davies & Robson works with many clients to identify and eliminate gaps in business processes. Recently, in response to a request from a client, we developed a new approach to ensuring their health & safety and legal compliance processes were fit for purpose. We worked closely with them on site to identify and fix issues in real time and to develop a long-term solution by resolving any potential future weaknesses.

Assuming the roles of auditor and Health & Safety officer, our consultants conducted assessments that included:

  • Checking vehicle fleet and MHE maintenance records.
  • Checking vehicle tax and insurance.
  • Interviewing staff to flag up issues.
  • Witnessing business activities to identify risks.

Our hands-on approach is comprehensive and evidence based, allowing issues to present themselves rather than having to guess where problems might occur. With several business process reviews using this approach now under our belt, there are some common benefits we have been able to provide:

  • Identifying where service providers are not delivering on contractually-agreed service levels. Example - Fleet tyre inspections - vehicles missed for consecutive inspections.
  • Ensuring continuity of compliance and health & safety obligations as one department hands over responsibility to another. Example – RDC maintenance department – was not aware of responsibility to carry out compliance checks at stores.
  • Ensuring that health and safety training is comprehensive so that staff are not put at serious risk. Example – Staff injuries – problems at a client site where staff were using equipment in a way that was not envisioned when health & safety processes were developed.

In the examples above Davies & Robson was able to quickly establish the root causes of issues and help our clients to design processes that prevent them from reoccurring. We also noticed that attention to detail when implementing new processes had the added benefit of increasing collaboration between a client’s suppliers and its own staff.

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