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Building Customer/Haulier Relationships In The “New” Logistics World

Building Customer/Haulier Relationships In The “New” Logistics World

The well-publicised shortfall of drivers is truly starting to take a grip on the logistics industry. Many supply chains, especially in food, e-commerce and retail are beginning to show signs of strain. Hauliers, facing real driver recruitment challenges, are now having to be selective in the work they decide to retain, and the work they are prepared to relinquish.

As a result of this, one of the key criteria in a haulier’s decision making is the past, present and future relationship with their customer. One certainty is that a collaborative and mutually beneficial client-haulier relationship is far more likely to see work retained than one which has historically been a commodity purchase.

If you are a customer who requires haulier services, there are some key considerations to think about:

  • Would a longer-term commitment be beneficial to both parties?
  • Can you make your products easier to handle and deliver?
  • Can you reduce/simplify collection and delivery paperwork?
  • Can you provide facilities at your collection points to aid driver productivity?

Davies & Robson can assist both customers and hauliers in getting the most from what should be a mutually beneficial relationship going forward in this “new” world.

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