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Managing costs in a Green Environment

Managing costs in a Green Environment

It is becoming increasingly clear that the climate change initiative has gathered further impetus that is unlikely to fade away as it has in the past. This time, governments are committing to change and ours, in particular, is leading the charge and will make more changes than most. The UK is legally bound to achieve net-zero by 2050.

Direct impacts, such as the banning of the sale of diesel HGV vehicles, will come in due course driven by legislation and regulation.

Indirect impacts will start influencing logistics operations now. Stakeholders will demand, again, that operators demonstrate their green credentials detailing what measures they have in place to work towards a net-zero future. Operators will have to consider the design and operation of their warehouses and fleets to demonstrate an ongoing reduction in carbon footprint whilst still maintaining a cost effective service. This will become a point of competitive advantage.

Operators should review their current operations and consider:

  • How can embodied energy be reduced when designing a new warehouse?
  • How can operating energy be reduced in day-to-day operations?
  • How can linked energy be reduced by reviewing warehouse design and operations?
  • What technology is available now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the fleet?
  • How can the fleet be used more efficiently to reduce miles travelled / fuel used?
  • What impact will the introduction of ULEZs have on transport operations; how will operations change to accommodate them?

Operators should consider how they keep up with fast moving developments in this area and are up to date with the latest initiatives.

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