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Cut Supply Chain Delivery Costs

Cut Supply Chain Delivery Costs

There are currently enormous inflationary pressures on delivery costs primarily due to increased fuel prices and driver wages. Now is the time for a complete review of delivery operations to ensure that delivery costs are minimised.

Is the core fleet of owned or contracted vehicles comprised of the right number and right size of vehicles to be more efficient than the use of carriers?

  • Is the range of carriers used minimising costs by taking advantage of both regional and national carriers and the package weight ranges where they are most competitive?
  • Is there a minimum order value set for deliveries and is it set at an economic level?
  • Can delivery frequency be reduced to all or some area?
  • Is technology used to select the correct delivery channel?
  • Can route scheduling improve the performance of owned or contracted fleets?

Davies & Robson consultants can help companies dissect their current delivery costs with a view to spotting opportunities for delivery cost reduction.

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