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Davies & Robson provides Non-Executive Operations Director to SME

Davies & Robson provides Non-Executive Operations Director to SME

Fixmart is the leading supplier of an extensive range of cable and pipe support systems, containment solutions, fixings and site equipment to contractors and fitters in London and the South East of England.

Fixmart store and distribute a range of electrical tools, hand tools, ducting, support systems, casings and associated accessories. With a product range in excess of 3,000 SKUs the business is often the single point of supply for contractors and fitters on some of the major construction sites in London.

With customers demanding more and more products on shorter and shorter leads times, timely supply can make the difference between profitable revenue and a lost sale.

A few years ago Davies & Robson undertook an Operations Audit and Review. All 17 recommendations made focused on improving the current operations, increasing throughput, capacity and identifying options for improved storage capacity.

Key Recommendations:

  • Implement regular KPIs that will not only measure the performance of the business but also highlight areas of further improvement.
  • Extend the working day with staggered start times to enable a later carrier collection time.
  • Update minimum and maximum stock quantities for the fastest moving items bearing in mind the supplier lead times and historical performance.
  • Develop a layout plan that grows with the business, is modular, flexible and can be implemented in stages as revenue grows.
  • Implement a range of initiatives that will improve On Time-In Full performance at the point of delivery and back up the customer promise. The productivity and performance of the warehouse is improving, business processes have been standardised and the warehouse layout is becoming clearer to understand. The business is ready for more growth.

Since the initial audit and recommendations Davies & Robson Director, Paul Wilson, has continued to provide Non-Executive Operations advice to Fixmart on a regular basis. As a result of the additional direction and support, the working day within Fixmart operations has been extended by 5 hours, On Time-In Full delivery to customers is tracking above 98%, availability of stocked lines is above 99% and the overall value of stock has fallen.

Carl Ghinn, Managing Director, said: “Davies & Robson provided some very useful recommendations based upon an initial operational audit and review. In our case it has proven extremely valuable not only to the warehouse operations but also to the wider business."

"Having Paul on board as a Non-Executive Operations Director ensured we kept on track with the implementation of the initial recommendations and subsequently has allowed us to stay ahead of the competition.” 

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