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Developing A Winning Team

Developing A Winning Team

In a rapidly changing World, the single most important factor in achieving competitive advantage is the quality and skills of the team. Whether it is adopting new technology or seeking innovative ways to reduce costs or improve service it will be the team that will make the difference.

To support organisations in their quest for competitive advantage, Davies & Robson has developed a suite of training courses to improve the effectiveness of the team. Developed and delivered by consultants with direct experience of using methods that deliver results in industry, our courses mirror our core consultancy specialisms.

In addition to our regular courses, we provide bespoke training programmes to address specific requirements within organisations, using tailored case study material and scenarios to provide maximum relevance.

All courses are supported by a series of exercises and syndicate sessions to assist delegates in their understanding and absorption of the material itself.


The 2 day course is aimed at anyone who has direct responsibility for the day-to-day operations of a warehouse, and will be relevant for any sector or size of operation.Delegates will come away with a range of ideas to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs within their own operations.

  • The role of the warehouse
  • Design and layout
  • Storage and Picking
  • Operational Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Measures and KPIs
  • Lean and Six Sigma


This2-day course is aimed at anyone who has direct day-to-day responsibility for distribution or transport fleet operations and is relevant for a fleet of any size. Delegates will come away with a confident approach to build on their operational awareness and plan for future efficiency improvements.

  • Transport market overview and trends
  • Transport operations management
  • Transport costs and their management
  • Purchasing transport services
  • Reviewing an operation
  • Practical exercises & workshops


The quantity of data created by modern business systems is huge and provides a vital management resource that we help your team to access. Managers, analysts, supervisors and administrators in all areas, including; sales, procurement, distribution or warehousing will benefit from this course. As a one day course it is structured into a series of modules that each introduce a specific set of tools and techniques, delegates are helped to practice and apply them to a set of data in a series of supporting exercises, building at each stage on what they have learnt.

  • Sources of Data
  • Data Quality and Processing Data
  • Data Tools and Techniques
  • Combining and Cross-Referencing Datasets
  • Analysis and summarisation of Data
  • Data Presentation

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