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eCommerce: The principals of B2C are coming to B2B

eCommerce: The principals of B2C are coming to B2B

Outsourcing everything everywhere all of the time

Whether you call it Omnichannel, Multichannel, eCommerce, or any of the other proliferation of names, online mutli channel activities are part of the new normal. Every organisation needs to be thinking how they interact more directly with their customers even if you don’t sell directly to them. The expectation of being able to have visibility of information on different types of devices with a seamless experience is the new norm. If your organisation cannot meet these new service level expectations, then the future may look bleak.

These expectations, driven by our personal interactions in the world of eCommerce and new disruptive business models such as Uber, are driving an increase in service level expectations across the business world. If Uber can operate in over 600 cities globally why can’t a Supply Chain Director see a failed delivery or his current pick performance on his phone at any time?

This expectation extends across the supply chain from Factories to Forwarders through the warehouse and transport networks and across geographic boundaries. This means data will need to be collected from all parties in the supply chain and presented in a super-efficient way.

Blockchain solutions may be able to provide some of this as they are developed but collaboration and systems integration are needed now if organisations want to get market leading positions.

In this new normal, if money is to be made, the efficiency of operations and the systems that control them have never been more important. Driven by the increasing intricacy of operations and our desire for a personal experience there can be no room for a lack of Supply Chain integrity and the flow of information from it.

Supply Chains have always been about the flow of goods and, just as important, the flow of information. In the modern world there is an expectation that no matter what sector you are in all of this new information will be able to be delivered in a seamless and easily usable way to the people who need it. Those that can deliver this will become the leaders in our new disrupted Supply Chain world.

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