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Fast-Growing Online Furniture Retailer

Fast-Growing Online Furniture Retailer

The growth of eCommerce retailers can be dramatic. The pace of this change will inevitably cause growing pains which need to be resolved quickly to ensure the ever more expectant customers get the service they desire and the retailer is able to supply at the optimal cost.

These pressures are often in the Supply Chain where increasing space requirements, growing product ranges, geographical expansion - as well as making sure the orders and returns are dealt with in a timely fashion - create so many variables that it is easy to lose focus from the decisions that matter.

Davies & Robson has been working with one of the fastest growing companies in the sector.  As well as being a sounding board on all matters Logistics, support has been provided to try to streamline the future supply chain, analyse costs, and work to find new partner organisations that can provide additional supply chain capacity.

Developing a long-term plan is critical but this cannot be achieved without dealing with the immediate issues that will slow growth if not addressed. These issues are often amplified when, as well as outgrowing the established logistics operations, the systems that have been used historically are also inadequate for the future. Davies & Robson are able to help specify and procure new systems that can support the next phase of growth.

The outbound delivery can also be challenging particularly when the popularity of product in different countries drives the need for an international approach.  Delivery service providers are constantly developing their product offerings - keeping abreast of the best available for your needs is critical.  Get this right and you may gain a competitive advantage through providing a better service but also make sure costs are optimised.

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