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Fuel Management Checklist for Transport Managers

Fuel Management Checklist for Transport Managers

Fuel costs can account for up to 35% of transport costs depending upon the operation. It makes sense to keep a firm control and not miss any opportunity to keep control and reduce costs in this important operational area. A real management focus can achieve up to a 10% saving on fuel, Davies & Robson have compiled a check list to help Transport and Fleet Managers ensure not a drop is wasted.

Fleet Fuel Management Checklist

Set up and maintain a high profile fuel campaign 

  • Let the whole team know you are focussed on fuel and saving it is important to the business. The campaign needs to be sustained and show commitment from the whole management team. A single manager tasked with, and being responsible for, the campaign can help maintain focus.

Measure your fuel consumption

  • We’ve all heard the saying ‘what gets measured gets done’. This is a key starting point for any campaign. Ensure you can collect or access consistent data to calculate individual vehicle and driver fuel consumptions on an ongoing basis. You may want to include other measures such as energy usage which takes into account weights carried and distances.

Display fuel performance

  • Presented in a way that allows valid comparison and any associated improvement targets, highlighting and maybe even rewarding achievements. Investigate any poor performance and follow up with driver support and training.

Vehicle telematic systems

  • Are capable of providing detailed data relating to driving style. This is very useful information for a manager to assist a driver in adopting or maintaining a more fuel efficient driving style. Regular driver assessment and training supports this.

Manage out any poor practices

  • Such as drivers leaving engines running while waiting or undertaking non driving yard or paperwork activities.

Reconcile any on site fuel storage

  • Ensure all fuel delivered equals stock plus drawings. Investigate and understand any discrepancies.

Check fuel security

  • Arrangements on site including fuel card issue control.

Confirm manufacturers’ recommended tyre pressures

  • And ensure a robust process for maintaining these. Operating at incorrect tyre pressures will impact upon fuel consumption.

In the longer term...

  • Fuel performance can be helped by correct fleet specification and acquisition. Evaluate different manufacturers and models in your operational environment. Over the life of a vehicle even small differences add up.

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