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CASE STUDY: Global Fast-Moving Chilled Food Manufacturer

CASE STUDY: Global Fast-Moving Chilled Food Manufacturer


This well-known manufacture of fast-moving chilled foods has a presence in virtually every country around the world. Within the UK their growth had put significant pressure on the Supply Chain. Having reached a contract break point with the existing service provider they took the opportunity to review their UK operations.

The Challenge

At this important time Davies & Robson were selected to conduct a Strategic Supply Chain Review. This included the optimal warehouse layout and processes and the impact of their transport flows inbound from across Europe and outbound to their customers.

The Solution

The existing operation has multiple streams with different characteristics. This was reviewed and mapped to understand each element of the activities, and the analysis was overlaid with future forecasts. Combining this with the projected growth, volume, and SKUs Davies & Robson recommended options for changes to meet the needs of the business.

Critical to understanding what the future may look like was consideration of the latest automation options. These were costed to enable decisions to be made looking at operational efficiency, labour and capital costs.

An evaluation was also made of the financial benefits of different future locations for the warehouse in the UK which looked at the impact of inbound and outbound transport costs as well as labour rates and availability and the differing costs of property and local taxes.

This study resulted in several operational benefits that could be implemented immediately and also a long-term plan for the future of the business.

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