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In the newest area of logistics the old principles are even more important than ever

Ecommerce activities are part of the new norm.  Every organisation needs to be thinking how they interact more directly with their customers. 

Everyone knows these activities drive end customers to want ever higher levels of service and personalisation.  The whole customer experience needs to be made as user friendly as possible and that definitely includes the returns and credit process if you want a reorder.

If money is to be made then the efficiency of operations has never been more important.   There is no point having a great online offering that consumers respond to if you can’t manage the flow of goods and information efficiently.  If you don’t satisfy your customers repeat business will be harder to come by.

The Omnichannel world has created new areas of focus around ergonomics of pack benches, carrier relationships, and the increasing use of mechanisation - to name just a few. Amongst all the excitement it’s important to remember that the same issues still apply that have always applied.

The understanding and confidence that processes are as efficient as they can be is even more important than ever, the ecommerce world just magnifies them.  Given the increasing intricacy of operations driven by personalisation there can be no room for sloppy flows of either goods or information.

Most business have already got used to increasing numbers of promotions and offers but this has been accelerated in the Omnichannel world, with Black Friday(s!) the most recent addition.  The old skills of understanding your processes, mapping  of operations optimising your layout, are more important than ever in driving inefficiency out of operations to make the customer experience as positive as possible and to give you a chance to make some profit!

There is no mystery in ecommerce logistics that the same basic principles still apply but their importance is just emphasised. New dogs old tricks is the way to make the most of our new world.

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