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Is your supply chain fit for the future?

After a year of extreme personal and business challenges confidence is growing that we will soon be out of lockdown. 

A lot has changed in the last year.  Consumer behaviour has changed forever and Brexit has brought us new challenges as well as new opportunities. Supply chains have been disrupted by container shortages and the closure of the Suez Canal, the hospitality industry has been effectively shut down, and manufacturing has been impacted by shortages of key materials and supplies.

As confidence in the economy starts to build now is the right time to consider whether your supply chain is fit for purpose for the new challenges that lie ahead.

  • Are your current operations able to adapt for increasing B2C demands?
  • Do you need to replan your operations to meet tomorrow’s requirements rather than yesterday’s?
  • Do you need to make changes to your infrastructure to facilitate the new Brexit customs requirements?
  • Are your logistics contractors the right strategic partners to meet your future needs?  Are your commercial arrangements right for the challenges that lie ahead?
  • Do you need to change processes to accommodate new administrative processes?
  • Recent disruption to supply chains show just how vulnerable many are.  Do you need to look again at your sourcing and stockholding strategy?
  • Recent reports are predicting a shortage of workers in key areas of logistics which, if correct, will inevitably push wages higher.  Should you look again at the opportunities for automation and the effective use of labour?
  • With the growth in home shopping, customer expectations have significantly increased.  Do your service levels meet future customer expectations?
  • Sustainability will become increasingly important to consumers and governments.  Have you prepared a clear sustainability action plan covering all aspects of your supply chain?

Davies & Robson have a long history of successfully helping companies design and implement supply chain strategies to support their development plans. If you would like to discuss how we can help your company then please call us on 01327 349090

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