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Management Training - The right course of action

Management training is an important investment for a business to make and therefore it is important to get value for money especially when you consider the management time involved. A bespoke training programme specifically designed to meet your companies specific performance objectives can be a well targeted training investment giving greater value for money.

For any programme to be successful it is important that the details of the organisation, its objectives and culture are fully understood and become core to the bespoke programme being created. The required outcomes also need to be understood which may well include developing skills, changing behaviour such as process or just improving the knowledge base.

Our training development process involves working with key managers to prepare and review the programme before delivery.

Businesses find such programmes more beneficial as they can:

  • be applied over a period time to suit priorities in the business
  • provide consistency of approach and message across the wider management team
  • be delivered at locations to suit groups or teams of managers
  • be structured into multiple packages or phases to allow follow up and sustainment of the programmes intent
  • allow for individual mentoring and follow-up to support personal development plans
  • use material specific to an organisation allowing ‘train today and do tomorrow’


Davies & Robson can develop and provide according to your organisations requirements training to include examples such as:

  • various aspects of the supply chain and its impact upon the business
  • logistics awareness
  • effective sales and negotiating skills
  • process change
  • warehouse management and operations performance
  • transport management and transport performance
  • managing all aspects of a Contractor relationship

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