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Net-Zero Supply Chains?

Net-Zero Supply Chains?

The UK government is encouraging companies to develop Net-Zero plans with compulsion to produce such plans for larger companies coming into force in 2023. In anticipation of this, some large companies are now including in new supplier contracts a requirement for targeted reductions in carbon emissions.

  • Is your company ready for such a request?
  • Should you be requiring your suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions?
  • Have you started planning for a Net-Zero future?
  • Can you reduce the carbon footprint of product packaging?
  • Is a fully electric transport fleet a practical solution for you?
  • What are the likely timescales for hydrogen powered vehicles?
  • Can you reduce the carbon emissions of warehouse operations?
  • How should your warehouse be heated and/or cooled?
  • What fuel should your mechanical handling equipment use?
  • Can warehouse operations be redesigned to enable a reduction in activity?
  • What are the cost implications?
  • Will your current electrical supply be powerful enough?
  • What are the cost implications?

Companies that start the planning process early will be able to produce more efficient and less disruptive plans and to gain a competitive advantage.

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