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Supply Chain Improvement: Consultancy or Interim Management?

Supply Chain Improvement: Consultancy or Interim Management?

When organisations are faced with supply chain problems that require prompt outside support, the choice is invariably to engage a Consultant or appoint an Interim Manager. But which to choose to achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost?

Interim Manager Support

Typically, Interim Managers will be taken on full time for several weeks or months at a time.  They become part of the management team and are often used to implement change or provide management cover whilst an organisation is restructured, or full-time staff are appointed.  The brief will invariably be fairly broad.  Usually, their day rate will be higher than a full-time employee but lower than a consultant.

Consultancy Support

Consultants tend to be used either as individuals or part of a team to provide an answer to a problem or problems that can be clearly defined and therefore costed in advance.  This could be an outsourcing project, warehouse design, transport modelling, process review etc.  A key advantage is that the consultancy team can be made up with a range of specialists and analysts.  And, whilst the day rates may be higher, they are typically used more sparingly. Unlike Interim Managers the client is charged for a specific programme, rather than time.

Interim and Consultancy Package

Recognising that each of these activities have a valuable role to play, Davies & Robson provide both services, with individuals selected for their particular expertise and abilities.  When required, Davies & Robson are unusual in being able to provide a single ‘package’ that can provide both Consultants & Interim Managers.  Consultants, to undertake the initial analysis and planning and Interim Managers to undertake the necessary organisational change or implementation.  In effect the best of both worlds to achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost

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