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Sustainability: The Next Big Challenge

As companies quietly adjust to the realities of Brexit and develop new ways of working post lockdown, business focus is now rapidly changing to refocus on sustainability as it increases in importance.

In addition to deadlines set by government, consumers, particularly young consumers, are increasingly putting sustainability at the heart of their purchasing decisions.  In the future, the value of brands will be heavily influenced by their environmental and social impact.  Achieving a high level of sustainability is no longer a nice to have but essential to long term success.

Whilst most companies have changed some of their processes, most still have a long way to go if they are to satisfy upcoming legislation and customer demand.  Success will be dependent on well prepared business plans that contain practical solutions that address:

  • The adoption of carbon neutral energy
  • The avoidance of releasing harmful gasses into the environment
  • The reduction in energy use
  • The maximisation of the use of renewable energy
  • The avoidance of sending waste to landfill
  • The unnecessary use of packaging materials
  • The greater use of electric vehicles

Future success will be based on the careful balancing of operational and commercial needs with practical actions for driving sustainability.  If you would like to discuss the development of plans that combine practical solutions with future environmental needs we would welcome your call: 01327 349090

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