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While the majority of companies have worked hard to protect their training budgets through the economic crisis, the recession has had an impact – both on the type of training businesses are prioritising and how they are delivering it.

In particular, HR departments have been forced to look extremely hard at the value - and immediate business - relevance of training.

One of the areas in which training can deliver demonstrable value is in ensuring that a company’s supply chain represents a source of competitive advantage.

With increasing recognition that a truly efficient supply chain demands a cross-functional approach., This applies not only to those directly engaged in supply chain management or the front line delivery of services, but the functions of a business whose activities impact on these areas, e.g., sales, finance and IT.

For example, are your sales people and account managers committing to services which incur unnecessary logistics costs? Do they understand the cost of the promises made to secure additional business? Are they aware that there are sales tactics which will naturally minimise supply chain costs, for example, by concentrating their sales efforts in particular geographic areas or obtaining logistics related concessions from customers during commercial negotiations?

If not, then they may be adding unnecessary cost and complexity into your supply chain.

A bespoke training programme designed to provide key stakeholders with a proper appreciation of their organisation’s supply chain – from procurement through to final delivery – will not only promote understanding, co-operation and collaboration but is likely to uncover some concrete areas for improvement.

As experts in both supply chain strategy and operational best practices, Davies & Robson can quickly and cost-effectively develop a tailored training programme to address the specific requirements of any organisation, using bespoke case study material and scenarios to provide maximum relevance.

This complements the company’s comprehensive suite of sales and operational training programmes, from selling logistics solutions through to warehouse design and operations.

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