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Taking the Cost Out of Transport?

Taking the Cost Out of Transport?

With fuel and driver costs escalating, the need for transport efficiency improvements have never been greater. Transport operations & fleet efficiency do not always take centre-stage in a list of organisational priorities. However, without regular attention and review, this can be an area of business that repeatedly adds cost and hides waste. Equally, by addressing the issues, savings can be forthcoming quickly, and drop straight to the bottom line.

Examples of areas where improvements are often made :-

  • Ensuring the correct fleet mix between in-house, 3PL and sub-contract
  • Balancing the use of employed and agency labour
  • Reviewing the service offering
  • Using telematics to monitor fleet efficiencies
  • Investing in driver training and rewards to reinforce correct behaviours
  • Right-sizing of fleet to optimise small/medium/large vehicles
  • Appropriate use of parcel and pallet networks
  • Use of transport modelling software
  • Outsourcing some, or all of operation
  • Use of a fleet management system

Davies & Robson are a leading UK logistics consultancy that specialise in reviewing and improving fleet operations. If your costs are increasing and you have doubts over the efficiency of your transport operation, give Davies & Robson a call onĀ 01327 349090.

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