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The Changing Nature of Supply Chain Strategy

The Changing Nature of Supply Chain Strategy

Increasingly, the battle for business success is being fought among competing Supply Chains. End customers, whether individuals or businesses, are becoming more demanding. If your supply chain cannot provide what they want, the way that they want it, they will go elsewhere.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

This new reality is driving organisations to think about their Supply Chains in a more strategic way. It is no longer simply a key to survival; it has become one of the principal drivers of competitive success. The longer and broader your Supply Chain, the more important and demanding this becomes.

Driven in part by the online sales boom, international boundaries are less relevant as customers increasingly experience seamless processes and information flows wherever they are. This internationalisation continues to prompt organisations to look to their Supply Chains as a strategic lever in delivering customer satisfaction. Can the infrastructure and systems at your organisations’ disposal deliver the customer experience that they demand?

Customer Experience vs Cost

This thought process is leading many companies to review their systems and infrastructure in a different way. All organisations seek the leanest and most efficient operations, but they must also consider greater infrastructure and stock holding to enable them to have goods closer to their markets and to deliver the best customer experience. The balance between customer satisfaction and cost is now one of the key battle grounds within the Supply Chain.

This can seem counter-intuitive in the light of work that has gone before but, if businesses do not give careful consideration to the impact their choices have on customers, they may end up losing out in the long run.

While the cost impact cannot be ignored, the shifting balance toward customer needs and rising expectations is an increasingly important item on the Supply Chain Director’s agenda.

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