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Healthcare Logistics Savings and Support

Healthcare Logistics Savings and Support

With increasing levels of patient and consumer demand, many Healthcare suppliers are trying to work out how best to deliver the service required for rising volumes, and often under severe budgetary constraints.

A good starting point is the identification of any savings and improvements that can be made quickly and cheaply – whilst scoping the potential returns of more involved change, as part of a longer-term improvement strategy.

In a sector with rapidly changing product specifications, service requirements and regulatory/import stipulations, previously well optimised operations can quickly become inefficient. These types of issues are usually the ones for which the root causes are the easiest to address.

Implementing analysis led changes to processes and warehouse layouts, combined with training to eliminate workarounds, can produce surprisingly significant and cost effective, service level improvements and reductions in cost.

Significant growth or new distribution channels are likely to warrant a more substantive review of the supply chain approach or strategy.

In the medium term, an outsourcing or re-tender process for warehouse and distribution operations is a great opportunity to review volumes and requirements whilst assessing the most competitive options.

For a more strategic outlook, if a 3-5 year horizon for the supply chain looks very different to the historical modelling for the current operation, a strategic infrastructure review can determine the optimum solution for various scenarios – future proofing the operation.

Davies & Robson has a wealth of experience of delivering these tactical, strategic and commercial improvements for healthcare providers in both the public and private sectors.

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