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LOGISTICS FOCUS: Warehousing Costs

LOGISTICS FOCUS:   Warehousing Costs

High energy costs, rising rents and interest rates, and increased labour costs have significantly raised the cost of warehouse operations.

There has therefore never been a better time to review your warehouse operations to identify opportunities to reduce costs. 

Key focus areas include:

  • Stock reduction through improved stock planning and purchasing arrangements.
  • Review of minimum order quantities
  • Greater productivity through:
    • Improved warehouse layout
    • Improved stock layout
    • Improved processes and systems including more effective use of bar coding
    • Balancing of labour
    • Better use of MHE including conveyors
  • Review of shift systems
  • Introduction of automation and robotics

Over the years Davies & Robson has helped a wide range of companies improve or develop their warehouse operations.  If you would like to know how we could help your business, please call Davies & Robson on 01327 349090


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