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Warehouse Operations - Big Savings from Small Changes

Warehouse Operations - Big Savings from Small Changes

When customer service requirements are being met it is easy to focus management effort on known problem areas rather than looking at whether things can be done better to non-problem areas.

As a result, opportunities to improve systems and processes or take advantage of new technology can easily be overlooked.  Operational staff are too busy doing the ‘day job’ to find time to consider whether things could be improved. 

One approach is to undertake a detailed formal review of the operation to identify opportunities for improvement. An alternative approach is to appoint an on-site Performance Improvement Manager to work within the management team to identify those changes that can be implemented quickly and easily but that can bring real financial benefits.  Along the way, looking for other opportunities including the introduction of new technology or the adoption of improved systems.

Often, just bringing in a fresh pair of experienced eyes with an analytical approach and leadership skills can quickly bring real financial benefits.

Davies & Robson Performance Improvement Managers can cite numerous examples of working with teams and data to make quick tactical changes - whilst assessing the possible options for a more strategic operational review.  Making significant savings and improvements doesn’t have to be an abstract and onerous task for ‘another day’.

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