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Waitrose to put away groceries for home delivery customers

South Londoners are testing out Waitrose's new pilot service called "While You're Away", where the delivery service includes putting the groceries away for customers while they're not home.

It will test demand for the service, called “While You’re Away”, with 100 customers in south London. Using smart lock technology from Yale, customers can grant Waitrose drivers temporary access to their home.

The Delivery Service

The driver will put refrigerated and frozen goods away and leave other groceries on the kitchen counter, or as instructed by the customer. For safety, the delivery is captured on a chest-cam worn by the driver, with the video available for request for the customer the next working day.

There is a minimum order of £25. Because of the small number of customers involved in the trail, there is a minimum number of six orders. This will be reviewed after the trial.

Future Plans if Successful

If the trial is successful, Waitrose expects to roll out this service to more than 1,000 customers in spring 2019.

“The concept of ‘in-home delivery’ has started to prove popular in other countries so we are keen to establish if there is an appetite for it in the UK,” said head of business development Archie Mason.

Nigel Fisher, Managing Director for Yale UK, said: “Working with Waitrose & Partners to develop the UK’s first in-home delivery service is an exciting premise for Yale, as we look to understand how smart products can enhance daily lives, as well as protecting your home.”

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