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Warehousing - Time to Increase Automation?

Warehousing - Time to Increase Automation?

With ongoing labour supply issues and increasing labour costs still prevalent within the warehousing sector of logistics and supply chain, many companies are now prioritising an assessment of their own operations to see if increased automation is an appropriate investment for them.

Automation can assist in the movement of product throughout the receipt, storage, picking and despatch process and can include items such as carousels, conveyors, vertical lift systems, auto store and retrieval systems, and guided vehicles. However, in many cases, increasing automation does not require complex machinery or robotics, and significant improvements can be achieved through the introduction of better software and IT equipment.

When sourced and implemented correctly, automation can bring the following benefits :-

  • Lower labour costs
  • Reduction in waste and inefficiency
  • Improved space utilisation
  • Improved stock accuracy
  • Reduction in damage
  • Lower maintenance & MHE costs
  • Safer working environment
  • Reduction picking errors

With payback periods of 3-5 years now common, and equipment lifespan in excess of 20 years in many cases, the financial argument, when set against the backdrop of increasing labour costs has never been stronger.

Davies & Robson are now seeing unprecedented levels of interest from clients asking us to investigate the benefits and return of automating elements of their warehousing operation. For an informal discussion on how we can help your business take its first steps towards automation, please call us onĀ 01327 349090.

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