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For many companies there is a desire to explore the opportunities that warehouse automation and technology can bring, but few companies understand what is available and appropriate for their logistics operations.


A wide range of automation options are available ranging from conveyor and sortation systems, automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), shuttles & carousels, autonomous trucks, or even intelligent robotic solutions including working alongside staff.

Equally, an advanced range of technological solutions exist including highly agile warehouse management systems, wearable technology such as glove scanners and vision picking, and drones for stock checking.

There are 4 key questions to consider:

  • What solutions are right for your operations?
  • Will they bring your improvements in services and reduction in costs?
  • Will they cope with your demand profiles?
  • Will they limit your ability to be flexible and accommodate changes in product and customer profile?

Other considerations come into play as well such as the political, economic or labour market conditions that the business operates in that mean the decision isn’t always purely financial.


The first step in developing a strategy for the use of automation is understanding the company and its attitude to capital investment and growth. Thereafter, detailed analysis and modelling of the business’ operations identifies the areas suitable for automation or new technology and the type of solution to be deployed. Detailed modelling of the ongoing operational expenditure from modelling activity and productivity gains allows the payback of the deployment to be calculated.

Procuring new technologies is a step into the unknown for many companies, and with our knowledge of the markets and the key players in each, we can help procure the solution that will deliver the benefits you require.

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