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Freight Transport

With few exceptions, freight transport remains one of the most critical areas for any organisation involved in selling or distributing physical products.  It does not matter how good the product is if it does not reach the destination on time, and in perfect condition, there will be an unhappy customer.  That customer could be a major manufacturer purchasing raw materials to feed a production line or a consumer waiting for the delivery of a new pair of shoes, the service requirement is just the same – on time in full and without damage.

Across industry whilst the service requirement is the same the means of achieving it will vary wildly.  International movements are likely to involve road, sea and air, and possibly rail.  Domestic movements are likely to be primarily road with some rail.

To support freight transport users, Davies & Robson offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Route Evaluation: Evaluation of alternative line haul routes and modes, to determine optimum modes of transport.  This is particularly important for international movements.  It can also include the evaluation of different points of entry into the UK.
  • Determination of Optimum Transport Infrastructure: Using modelling techniques, Davies & Robson can determine the optimum number and location of consolidation, hubs or delivery points to serve particular markets.
  • Determination of Optimum Service Mix: Achieving the right service at the lowest costs often means combining different services.  This could be dedicated vehicles with pallet and parcel carriers or own vehicles with subcontractors.  In addition to its modelling and analytical abilities, Davies & Robson has a deep understanding of the services available and the different service providers.
  • Own Fleet Operations: Road transport is one of the most highly regulated and enforced areas of activity.  Davies & Robson can advise on the regulatory requirements that must be met and the organisation and process requirements necessary in order to ensure compliance.  We can also advise on options for vehicle resourcing including leasing, contract hire and rental.
  • Sustainability & Urban Delivery: Meeting the continuing changes in environmental standards is resulting in new restrictions in the use of diesel vehicles and a demand for new more sustainable technologies and methods of operation.  Responding to increased restrictions and adopting new vehicle solutions will become increasingly critical if supply chains, particularly in urban areas, are to be maintained.  Davies & Robson can advise on the options available to respond to changing requirements.
  • Route Scheduling & Determination of Optimum Fleet Mix: Davies & Robson can advise on the location, optimum size and mix of the fleet.  We can also advise on the daily management of the fleet in order to maximise productivity and fleet utilisation.
  • Outsourcing: With over 70% of transport now contracted out, effective outsourcing is a key component of freight transport operations.  Davies & Robson has extensive experience in outsourcing both transport and warehousing activities.  This includes preparing  the service specification, advising on suitable suppliers, drafting the required documentation, advising on pricing mechanisms and preparing and negotiating contractual agreements.

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