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Outsourcing & Tender Management

The successful outsourcing of logistics support can reduce your organisation's costs and provide you with real competitive edge. Appointing suppliers that provide the right services, under the right commercial arrangement is a difficult task. The range of potential suppliers has increased considerably together with the complexity of the services available. Typically service agreements will last for several years and involve not just the physical handling of products but also the electronic handling of information. Selecting the right supplier and putting in place the necessary safeguards that manage the relationship is complex but can prove to be very rewarding.

Davies & Robson consultants have extensive experience in outsourcing both simple and complex logistics requirements to third parties across an extensive range of industries and types of operations. Each year our supply chain consultants manage the outsourcing of contracts to a value in excess of some £100m. In addition to outsourcing within the private sector our consulting team have also undertaken outsourcing within the public sector and therefore recognise the sector’s particular requirements.

Outsourcing consulting always commences by obtaining a clear understanding of the operational and service requirements and the organisations commercial objectives.

Consultancy Support Provided

  • Advising how to structure the operation for outsourcing
  • Advising on the most appropriate pricing structure – closed book, open book or hybrid
  • Preparing appropriate data sets
  • Preparing a detailed specification
  • Advising on suitable third party contractors both nationally and internationally
  • Preparing invitation to tender documents
  • Recommended KPI’s and reporting procedures
  • Managing the tender process
  • Evaluating contractors submissions
  • Preparing contractual agreements
  • Assisting with contract negotiations
  • Managing the implementation

Particular consideration is given to ensuring that performance monitoring is a key component within the reporting process, the pricing system encourages high standards of productivity, and includes an appropriate level of flexibility in the light of changing demands. 

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Nigel Witcombe, Head of Production, Print & Logistics, AQA

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