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Transport Network Design & Modelling

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Transport Network Design & Modelling

Transport Optimisation

Improving and optimising your transport operation is a key part of enhancing the overall efficiency of your business. Our transport consultants can provide significant benefits both in terms of cost reduction and service improvement, and also provide a competitive edge. 

Review Distribution Networks

Reviewing and redesigning distribution operations are a necessity given the dynamic nature of industry today. Business requirements include new customers, reduced lead times, changing order profiles, increased back haul, and the continued pressure to reduce costs. 

Mapping & Modelling Transport Operations 

Modelling and analysis of alternative transport options can determine the optimum solution for your current activity and identify how and where costs can be reduced, and service levels improved by, reconfiguring the operation. Our consultants will identify solutions to some common questions: 

  • Can your fleet be better utilised?
  • Have your customer order profiles and delivery requirements changed since the original transport operation was designed?
  • Has a recent business acquisition provided opportunities for consolidation?
  • Is a dedicated transport operation optimal? Or would it be more economical to use subcontractors, parcel or pallet carriers?
  • Is your vehicle fleet size, type, and geographic spread still optimal?
  • Are your distribution centres in the right place? How would closing or opening centres or using cross-docks, impact your operation?

After initially reviewing and mapping your current transport processes and establishing a representative dataset for modelling, a list of potential alternative transport models will be discussed and agreed with you. Options can include: 

  • Alternative numbers and/or locations of depots – we can identify the optimum
  • Different vehicle types and shift patterns
  • Shorter/longer delivery lead times and service levels
  • Selective use of carriers according to order value, delivery region or order size

Route Scheduling

Each option is then scheduled using industry leading transport modelling software to determine resource requirements followed by the input of your own, or industry benchmark; unit costs, productivity standards and the latest legislation to assess the relative impact on operating costs, service level and risk. Finally a full report covering the results of the modelling is prepared, with a personal presentation to review the findings and next steps.


To deliver transport solutions on the ground often requires the project management of an implementation phase. This might include changes to infrastructure, processes, and shifts. Systems implementations and the leading and training of teams.

Davies & Robson provides specialist support to lead transport change management projects.

Why Davies & Robson?

Transport will always be a cost to your business but by careful management it should be possible to keep charges to the absolute minimum. Our solutions are bespoke to the requirement of your transport and distribution operations, allowing you and your customers to realise the benefits.

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