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Transport Operations Improvement

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Transport Operations Improvement

Inefficient transport operations can significantly reduce your company’s profit.  Transport is a high cost activity that represents a direct cost to your goods or service it is being used for.  Left unmanaged, transport costs can quickly increase either through poor utilisation of men and equipment or poor control of operational costs. Typically, every additional pound spent on transport is a pound less to the bottom line.

Optimising Transport Networks & Operations

As with all areas of business transport costs have to be identified, and actively managed, if they are to be kept to the minimum. We have developed a series of initiatives that address all the key aspects of driver operations. These include:

Route Planning
Fuel Management
Management of Subcontractors
Traffic Management System
Vehicle Cost Control
Performance Monitoring
Vehicle Resourcing

Why Davies & Robson?

Transport will always be a cost to your business but by careful management it should be possible to keep charges to the absolute minimum. Our solutions are bespoke to the requirement of your transport and distribution operations, allowing you and your customers to realise the benefits.

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Jim Whittingham, Operations Director, GA Pet Foods

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