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Warehouse Design & Layout

Warehouses are often one of the most expensive elements of the supply chain but can equally be left alone for many years with the legacy layout remaining largely unchanged.  A review of your warehouses layout and storage media will often lead to improved storage capacity and better productivity.

Warehouse Design & Layout Optimisation

  1. New Build: What is the criteria for a search? How many doors? What height building? How much warehouse floor space? What access do you need? What temperature and humidity regime is required? View our article on Developing a Transition Plan
  2. Storage media: Does the storage media (racking, shelving, etc) meet your current and future requirements? Can you improve the use of the available cube in the warehouse without degrading productivity?
  3. Warehouse Operational layout: Is the flow through the building efficient? Are work and storage areas appropriately located?
  4. Velocity heat maps: Are you storing SKUs in the right area? Is your overall travel through the warehouse minimised? Are you creating unnecessary congestion points?
  5. MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment): Is the current MHE suitable for the planned operation?  Can productivity and capacity be improved with alternative equipment
  6. WMS (Warehouse Management Systems): Does the current system support the planned operation?  What functionality is required to improve productivity? Is the investment in new functionality cost effective? What is the payback?
  7. Automation and mechanisation: Can the operation be improved through some mechanisation (i.e. conveyors) or automation (i.e. storage and retrieval)? Will the likely investment in automation have a reasonable payback? Will automation help or hinder your operation?


Our warehouse consultants have all designed, run, improved and managed numerous warehouses in varying industry sectors.  Alongside analysis tools, techniques and applications, we bring a wealth of practical operational experience to every project gained from years of experience.

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