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Warehouse Property Search

Searching for an existing warehouse that best matches your future operational requirements can be a challenge. We have substantial experience working with clients to search the warehouse property market place for an appropriate specification.

Warehouse Specification

First, we help create a specification that will accommodate future needs such as growth and foreseeable business trends. Then, using our knowledge of the property market, we can prepare and refine an available short list of potential suitable properties and assist with the operational evaluation of each.

Property Evaluation

Our warehouse design and operational expertise can be used to consider and evaluate the following:

  • Optimum location
  • Site access issues to and from the local road network
  • Access control to the site
  • Site and building measurement
  • Door access and capacity
  • Loading and unloading areas
  • Internal building flows and appropriate use of space
  • Designing storage layout options and associated capacity
  • Designing other processing areas such as packing, kitting or other value added activities
  • Development of a site operational and implementation cost budget for property option comparison
  • The external yard area usage and layout including, but not limited to: road layouts, vehicle slows and turning requirements; parking requirements; fuelling facilities; waste facilities and waste returns / processing areas
  • Site and building modification requirements

Why Davies & Robson?

We can assist negotiations with agents and landlords and liaise with your property legal team. On acquisition we can further assist with the project planning the operational relocation into the new warehouse site.

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David Bigland, Managing Director UK & Eire , IVC Group

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