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Contract Development & Negotiation

The primary purpose of the contractual agreement is to provide a clear statement of the rights and obligations of the two parties; the company and the contractor.  The Agreement should not act as a ‘straitjacket’ on the relationship but provide a clear set of processes and procedures to enable the operation to evolve over time in response to changes in operational, economic and service requirements.

Logistics Contract Development

Davies & Robson has extensive experience in the preparation of Agreements for a range of operations within a variety of industries and has developed a well proven structure.  For major operations no two contracts are ever the same but many of the clauses may be similar. 

In addition to clauses covering the basic requirements of term, payment terms, confidentiality, insurance, limits of liability etc, Davies & Robson will take time to address the following key issues:

  • The process to be followed in managing change
  • TUPE (Where relevant)
  • Management of strategic change
  • Pricing mechanism and cost profile
  • Key performance indicators to be achieved
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Productivity standards to be achieved (Where relevant)
  • Key activity data upon which the prices are based
  • Implementation plan
  • Asset transfer at the start or end of the Agreement
  • Gainshare scheme
  • IT systems to be deployed
  • Policy on sustainability

A contractual Agreement will not ensure an excellent service but a well prepared Agreement will ensure that the relationship is based on a clear understanding of what is required and will provide a fair framework for dealing with opportunities and challenges should they arise.

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