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The tender process is time consuming and costly for both the company and the contractor.  Going through the process with a contractor only to dismiss at the end for a reason that could have been identified at the start is a complete waste of time for both parties.  Conversely, having gone to the trouble of undertaking a well-run tender process it would be extremely regrettable if it was later realised that a potential star performer had been overlooked at the start of the process.  Successful companies are only as good as the suppliers that serve them. 

Contractors are evaluated pre-ITT 

Following completion of the Specification of Requirements, Davies & Robson will assist in determining which contractors should be invited to take part in the tender process.  This will be based upon the companies own preferences, the Davies & Robson database and market research.

Factors for consideration include:

  • Services available
  • Resources available
  • Complementary services
  • Decision making process
  • Attitude to risk and reward
  • Service focus
  • Geographical coverage
  • Financial strength
  • Strategic focus and direction
  • Cultural fit
  • Relevant experience
  • Availability of investment

A key issue for the company is whether they are looking for a strategic long term partner or a tactical service provider with limited commitment on both sides.  This will be determined by the likely required level of integration and the requirement for long term stability.

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