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Capability Evaluation

Identifying Capabilities

Supply Chain Operations vary enormously in their scale, complexity and the way they are organised.  Understanding the specific requirements of an operation or function is the first step in finding suitable candidates.

Typically, supply chain roles can involve some or all of the following:

  • Strategic Development & Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Budgetary Responsibility
  • Leadership and Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transport Management
  • Customer Focus
  • Operational Change

Planning skills are required to deliver day to day service to customers, internal and external, and strategic planning skills to meet the long-term needs of the organisation.  In addition, excellent leadership skills are likely to be required to ensure that the service promise is kept within agreed budgets.

As part of the process for identifying suitable candidates, Davies & Robson can evaluate the technical and intellectual characteristics of a candidate.

The structure of our technical assessments for determining these capabilities can be found here.

Leadership skills

To providing effective leadership within a role, there are characteristics and behavioural traits necessary to harness the team’s energy, infrastructure and resources in a complex and often pressurised environment.

High performing individuals will demonstrate their value in the longer term through their abilities to change cultures, build teams, determine policy, manage risks and develop ideas.

Having established the required level of technical competence and experience, our leadership and management assessments focus on the characteristics of the individuals needed to perform across the breadth of the role.

Davies & Robson

Our candidate evaluation team, with experience of senior positions in industry and providing executive selection services for it, assesses the full breadth of an individual’s capabilities for a role.

In addition to the track record and context of operational performance, we pay attention to the characteristics required to develop the resilience of the function – and consider the physical and commercial environment in which it is to be achieved.

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