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Evaluation of Organisational Effectiveness

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Evaluation of Organisational Effectiveness

Logistics and, by extension the supply chain, is the point at which a business makes a critical impression upon the customer.  No longer just a cost centre, the Supply Chain is now considered a crucial component in the delivery of customer service and the overall offer of the business. Central to success is the natural tension that is required between sales and operations requiring a continuous feedback loop aimed at balancing service levels with the costs to deliver them.

Evaluating Effectiveness – Organisational Structure

Davies & Robson has considerable experience in designing and devising effective organisational supply chain structures for individual organisations, and determining the characteristics and skills required to populate them.  Providing a business function that delivers the required customer service levels – and within budget.

Strategy & Operations

As businesses reach a point in their growth the strategic decisions required for each function of an organisation transfer from the founders to functional leaders capable of supporting the strategic decision-making processes.

The starting point for the evaluation of a Supply Chain’s effectiveness is to establish where in the business responsibility for advising on and establishing the cost to serve resides.

Roles & Responsibilities

Once the position of strategic policy making in the business for supply chain is established the organisational structure for its execution, the operation, can be determined.

For maximum organisational effectiveness, senior responsibilities and demarcations should be clear, constructive tensions well placed, and routine operational decisions and disputes organised to be resolved within local management teams.

As important as determining where the responsibilities for actions and tasks best fit, is the consideration to be given to the organisational positioning of the characteristics required for influencing, decision making, leadership and ideas.

Davies & Robson

Our organisational evaluation service is singularly focussed on ensuring that your supply chain function is equipped to effectively deliver what your business needs both now and in the future. Assessing its interactions with the board, marketing, finance, and the customer, we will support you in designing a comprehensive supply chain organisation that is populated with the appropriate roles, expertise and responsibilities to deliver the requirements of the business.

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