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Community Impact Management

Construction projects that bring contractors into close proximity with the general public create particular logistical challenges. In addition to safety and environmental issues, contractors can be faced with the need to disrupt the everyday activities of travellers, householders and businesses. Road, rail, tram and utility projects are classic examples but the disruption can also apply to other forms of major development. Careful management and good communication can help reduce waste and the risk of expensive project delays whilst you respond to local grievances from individuals, local politicians and community and trade associations.

Avoid Supply Chain Disruption

The exact mix of services included in a solution is specific to the particular project and will often vary over time. The range of support activities can include all or some of the following:

Impact Survey Understanding the individuals and businesses that will be affected by the project is the first step in preparing a plan to mitigate its affects.  A survey can vary from documenting those individuals with special needs to determining the physical movement of freight into and out of a range of businesses.
Drop Off Centres Where construction activity restricts access to homes and businesses, Davies & Robson can establish drop off centres for companies delivering into and out of the area.  Final delivery can then be organised to work in harmony with construction activities. The size, design and location of a drop off centre will vary according to local community needs. Drop-Off Centres can also play a useful role for providing information and a focal point for community liaison.
Material Management To avoid unnecessary vehicle queuing and the risk of waiting for materials, Davies & Robson can design and implement a consolidation centre for the storage and movement of construction materials on and off the site. This could involve yard layouts and, where required, temporary warehousing.
Community Interface

For those projects that are highly disruptive to the local community, planning and community liaison is particularly important.  Typically this will involve liaising with the construction teams, individual households and businesses on an ongoing basis to come up with solutions that enable construction work to proceed whilst meeting the needs of the local community. This may include:

  • Temporary supply of utilities
  • Temporary parking
  • Temporary access
  • Assistance with the movement of people, freight and household purchases
  • Recording accidental damage to private property and arranging for reinstatement
Communications For many projects involving established infrastructure, the exact timings of road closures and utility changes will vary and maintaining close liaison and communication with those affected is of vital importance.  Where appropriate, Davies & Robson is able to assist with organising community meetings, compiling newsletters and information websites and notice boards, which minimise inevitable frustrations arising from disturbances to the lives of those affected.
Business Disruption Whilst the intention is to try and minimise the impact on local businesses, sometimes it is impossible for a business to continue to operate. In these circumstances, Davies & Robson can assist in determining temporary solutions and calculating and negotiating appropriate compensation. Davies & Robson also has experience with negotiating temporary leases and the temporary hire of equipment and staff.

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