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Logistics Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness

Conflict resolution is needed when an agreement cannot be reached, even the most well written commercial agreement can fail to foresee a change in an operational requirement with the possibility that the two parties fail to agree on an acceptable solution. Our dispute resolution specialists have managed numerous cases in the logistics industry and have acted as supply chain expert witnesses on behalf of users and suppliers of logistics services.

Contract & Supply Chain Dispute

Possible areas of logistics dispute can include: 

  • Disagreements over the cost of an operational change
  • Disagreement over proposed annual rate increase
  • Interpretation of wording within the contractual agreement
  • Cost of failing to adhere to contractual obligations resulting in a financial claim
  • Evaluation of changes to the planned distribution profile or agreed assumptions

Conflict Resolution Consultants

With our in depth understanding of supply chain solutions and related costs and a sound knowledge of contractual terms we are well placed to assist in resolving disputes between the users and providers.  Our specialist dispute resolution consultants can provide support to include: 

  • Being retained by both parties to provide independent analysis and advice
  • Being retained by both parties to adjudicate in the case of a straightforward commercial dispute.  In these circumstances our consultants would undertake a detailed investigation and request evidence from both parties in order to fully consider all the issues surrounding the dispute before arriving at a decision

Davies & Robson will seek to achieve acceptance from both parties that the solution is fair and reasonable in order to avoid the risk of long term damage to the commercial relationship. In addition to resolving the dispute in a constructive manner, the service provided by Davies & Robson is likely to prove considerably less costly than a full blown legal dispute, which often only succeeds in driving the parties apart. 

Expert Witness

Where conflict resolution is not appropriate, Davies & Robson will act as an expert witness on behalf of one of the parties involved in litigation.  We will consider all the evidence available and then provide an expert opinion to the Court on areas where fault lies and liability rests. We will provide technical and commercial advice to the legal team and a report to the court and, where necessary, will meet with experts appointed by other parties and resolve where they agree and disagree on the merits of the case and give evidence under oath.

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