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Achieving Net-Zero

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Achieving Net-Zero

Most people now accept that climate change is occurring and has to be stopped if we are to avoid the loss of habitat, major social upheaval and threats to many communities around the World.  In response, the Government has committed the UK to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.  A move generally supported by both individuals and companies as one of the ways to reduce climate change.


From being a subject of interest to only a minority of the population, climate change has moved to being of real concern to the majority of staff and customers.  Addressing this issue is not just socially responsible it is also good business practice as, companies that fail to act, are, in the future, likely to be penalised through lost sales and financial penalties.  Addressing this issue is no longer an option but an essential element of future business planning.


As an extension to its strategic planning support, Davies & Robson are now assisting companies achieve net zero carbon emissions within their supply chain on or before 2050.  Our approach consists of the following elements:

1. Determining current carbon output

  • Understanding which of the official standards standard best suit your purposes now and in the future
  • Understanding what to measure – the boundaries of your organisation
  • Developing policy and procedures to ensure consistent measurement, conform to relevant standards for reporting, and enable valid and useful comparison
  • Gathering data
  • Converting data into useful reports

2. Identifications of actions that can be taken using current technology. 

This will a combination of improving operational and energy efficiency, alternative fuels, and the use of alternative technologies. Our analysis will include:

  • Capital investment
  • Impact on operating costs
  • Impact on services provided
  • Impact on carbon emissions

3. Providing advice on emerging technologies.

Providing advice on emerging technologies and the likely timescales together with projected capital costs and impact on operating costs

4. Providing a view on emerging government legislation

The objective is to provide the client with the information to decide the actions to take and the planned timetable.  This will require balancing a desire to achieve net zero whilst maintaining the financial viability of the organisation and meeting the needs of customers and ensuring ongoing compliance.

 Already a wide range of options are available to reduce carbon emissions including:

  • Procuring product in more energy efficient ways
  • Reducing energy consumption in warehouses
  • Adopting alternative fuels
  • For light vehicle operations, adopting battery powered vehicles
  • Adopting cargo bikes where appropriate
  • Adopting the use of renewable energy including solar panels and wing generators
  • Designing out waste
  • Encouraging the use of battery powered cars, cycles, shared transport and public transport

For most companies, achieving net zero will not be easy.  It will take time and careful planning.  A journey that will rely on continued technical innovation and constant adjustment as new technologies emerge and government legislation is enacted.   Davies & Robson with a history of integrating technical developments into supply chain solutions are well placed to help you on that journey.


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View our recent work with Knowles Transport and their journey to Net-Zero:

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