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Process Improvement & Lean Management

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Process Improvement & Lean Management

Process improvement is fundamental to your company when implementing a new contract or bettering the performance of an existing operation. Introducing lean methods into your company will eliminate wasteful activity in your supply chain, improving the efficiency of your organisations operations and increasing customer satisfaction.

Introducing lean process improvements will:

Increase productivity while improving quality   Your goods or services will either match or exceed customer’s requirements 
Eliminate non value added activities Wasteful activities take up time, resources and space but add no value to your product or service
Reduce ‘Lead Times’ Reducing the time it takes to complete a series of tasks within a process can help you dominate your market
Reduce total cost   Decreasing your price and operating costs will keep you competitive and increase profits

Identify Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Value Stream and Flow Process mapping will allow us to identify areas within your organisations operations that are inefficient. By following our improvement approach we will be able to find the following operational challenges in your supply chain:

  • Over production
  • Delays
  • Unnecessary inventory
  • Unnecessary transportation costs 
  • Over processing
  • Unnecessary motion 
  • Defects / rework 
  • Under utilisation of people

Obvious waste is easy to detect, hidden wastes may remain undetected and unchallenged for long periods of time. Duplication of effort, delays and over processing are all too easily hidden within process, information and material flow interfaces.

Lean Management Advantage

If your company competes with others to provide customers with consistent, reliable and value driven products and service, you need to continually improve your operation. Your customers expect quality products or services as a given and will not pay higher costs generated by ‘non value adding activity’. Our supply chain consultants can help you improve your businesses processes, reduce wasted effort and ensure common standards are met. Not only will customers experience an increase in satisfaction but operations in your warehouse will become noticeably safer.


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