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Net Zero - Maintaining Progress In Challenging Times

Net Zero - Maintaining Progress In Challenging Times

The need for future Net Zero to slow climate change is now well understood by most organisations.  However, with companies facing a wide range of challenges including an economic slowdown, it is easy to understand the argument to simply focus on the here and now and wait until the economic environment improves.  Whilst every organisation has to balance its priorities it is possible to lay the foundations for a future Net Zero operation within a balanced budget.  The immediate requirement before embarking on a Supply Chain Net Zero strategy, is the need to understand your starting position and goals: -

  • How do you wish to measure progress? (energy, emissions, water, materials, waste, etc)
  • What is your starting position?
  • What are your aspirational Net Zero targets?
  • What timescales are you setting to achieve your targets?
  • What activities are included/excluded in this measurement (upstream and/or downstream, or just direct company activity)

The next step is to establish a robust, clearly documented methodology for measurement that conforms to the appropriate national or international standards. This will include guidance that can be followed and built upon to enable effective KPI reporting and accurate year on year comparisons.

Finally, once you have established your current Supply Chain position, and you have designed a reporting process, you can then produce a Net Zero Plan to include: -

  • Warehouse energy reduction (Insulation, solar panels, batteries, heat pumps)
  • Transport fuel reduction (alternative vehicles, better route scheduling, using efficient carriers)
  • Water harvesting
  • Monitoring technology advancements for potential adoption

Your Net Zero Plan will need to balance your agreed targets with other priorities within your Business.  Your Net Zero Plan should be constructed so that it can be speeded up or slowed down in response to the wider demands of the Business.

Davies & Robson have experience in helping businesses establish Net Zero strategies including sustainability benchmarks, setting up reporting systems and creating plans to give your business competitive advantage whilst achieving its targets. If you would like to know how we could help your business please call Davies & Robson on  01327 349090 for an informal discussion.

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